A costly time gap is eating away hard earned profits

Many independent stylists leave the salon multiple times per day to buy supplies on a client by client basis: we aim to reshape beauty supply with an industry specific on-demand delivery service.

Problem statement:

In America, there are many salons, beauticians, and consumers wanting to purchase beauty products but don't have the convenient access to them.

Solution statement:

BeautRoute is strategically placed to bridge salons, beauticians, and consumers with local suppliers by way of an affordable on-demand delivery service.


Today's consumers want a wide array of products available to them and they want them instantaneously. In 2022 the American Hair Salon and Beauty Supply industry was projected to generate over $46 billion in revenue. While on-demand delivery has been replicated in many markets, until now, one has yet to cater specifically to the booming hair and beauty segment. We aim to change that.

BeautRoute Founders

Together we are reinventing access to hair and beauty products. As a team we posses a deep understanding of Human Psychology and Motivational Behavior plus Business Processes, Research Practices, Technology and Law. With solid underpinnings and comprehensive knowledge of our audience, we are launching BeautRoute in order to shape experiences and drive change.

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Shamima Nyamekye

Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer

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Evelyn Sefah


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Erica Sefah


BeautRoute Executives & Team

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Board Member/Chief Investment Officer

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Board Member/Chief Operating Officer

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I.T/Tech Lead

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Marketing Lead

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